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Core Areas

Boys & Girls Clubs of America provides local clubs with a set of tested, proven, and nationally recognized programs in five core program areas: The Arts, Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Health & Life Skills, and Sports, Fitness, & Recreation. These innovative programs enable youth to excel academically, lead healthy lives, and become responsible and productive citizens. 

  • The Arts
    These programs provide fun, artistic activities designed to foster creativity and give our members a positive outlet to express themselves. Some of the activities include fine arts, photography, pottery, and music.
  • Character & Leadership Development
    These programs are designed to help our members develop leadership skills, as well as give them experience with planning, democratic decision-making, and community involvement. They also learn listening skills, how to discuss issues respectfully, and healthy conflict resolution. Programs in the core area of Character & Leadership include Torch Club, Keystone Club, and Junior Leaders.
  • Education & Career Development
    These programs are designed to ensure all Club members experience academic success and graduate high school with the skills they need to be prepared for college, vocational school, military service, or the work world. Youth also learn how to develop a plan to help them achieve their chosen careers. We offer dozens of programs in the core area of Education & Career Development, but some of our most popular programs include PowerHour (daily homework time), Future Focus, job shadowing, and technology-based reading programs.
  • Health & Life Skills
    These programs are designed to develop our members’ ability to nurture their own wellbeing by adopting a healthy diet, make healthy lifestyle choices, set personal goals, and grow into successful, self-sufficient adults. The Health & Life Skills core area is integrated into most of our programs, but some of the dedicated programs include Passport to Manhood & SMART Girls, Kitchen-less Cooking, Healthy Habits, and our very popular summer cooking camps.
  • Sports, Fitness, & Recreation
    These programs are designed to help our members develop physical fitness, reduce stress, develop an appreciation for the environment, and promote a positive use of leisure time. Youth also learn interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Activities offered in the core area of Sports, Fitness, and Recreation include our Athletic Leagues, daily physical activities, intramural sports, and yoga.

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