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Athletics Draft and Evaluation

After signing up for one of our athletics programs, your child will undergo an athletics draft and evaluation to be placed on a team. This ensures a healthy competitive environment and that athletic talent is evenly distributed.

Leagues with no evaluation/draft process:

  • T-ball
  • Co-ed Jr. Basketball

Leagues with an evaluation/draft process:

  • Boys Basketball (3rd – 8th grade)
  • Girls Basketball (3rd – 6th grade)
  • Indoor Soccer (3rd – 8th grade)
  • Girls Volleyball (3rd – 8th grade)

Evaluation Night

Once your child is signed up for their sport, you’ll receive information about their respective sports’ evaluation and draft night, where players are put through a series of drills. The head coaches and assistant coach from each team will watch and evaluate the players; the Athletic Director and coaches will then sit down together and draft the teams. Parents and spectators may not attend the evaluation.

Draft Rules

  • Only the head coach and one registered assistant coach may be present during the evaluations; parents must wait outside.
  • The draft order will be determined by a random draw of numbers.
  • Spots will not be held or guaranteed unless it’s a coach’s own child.
  • Players will play for the team they’re drafted on – no exceptions.
  • The exact practice days and times can’t be determined until all registration is complete.
  • If a parent coaches their own child, they will count as the first draft pick of their grade level. Coaches’ children don’t have to attend the draft night if they will be playing on their parent’s team.
  • Siblings will be drafted together and count as consecutive picks unless otherwise noted by parents. If your children don’t want to be on the same team, please note this when registering them.
  • Players who aren’t present for Evaluation night will be either randomly distributed or placed onto a team with the least number of players. Requests to be on particular teams will not be accepted.
  • Once the draft has concluded, there will be no trading of players by the coaches and no players will be added without consent from our Athletic Director.

Please note: The exact practice days and times can’t be determined until all registration has been completed. Game schedules will become available after practice begins and we have all teams formed. Uniforms will come in before the games start and photos will be scheduled once all uniforms are available.

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