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Club Parent Expectations

Thank You for Trusting Us

Welcome to our Club! Thank you for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to care for your child.

Help Us Set Up Your Child for Success

We ask you, our parents, to support the Club in providing a safe space for our members and staff by informing the Club of any changes to your child’s health or community exposure. If your child exhibits any symptoms of fever, runny nose, coughing, or shortness of breath, we ask that you keep them home until their symptoms have subsided for 72 hours without the assistance of fever reducing medication.

Please take some time to review: The Club Guide to a Safe & Fun Program

Personal Items

For safety reasons, we ask that you only bring what is listed below. Each Club member will receive their own set of supplies to use while at the Club. The Club will not be providing meals at this time, so please be sure to pack snacks and a lunch.

Bring from home in a backpack:

  • A Book or 2
  • Snacks & Lunch
  • A Water bottle
  • Mask

We’re All in This Together!

The Club will require all members and staff to follow CDC recommendations for reducing transmission, maintaining healthy business operations, and a healthy work environment including but not limited to:

  1. Wash Hands:
    • Upon entry into building
    • After using the restroom
    • Before & after eating
    • After outdoor Play
  2. Wear a mask at all times except during snack and lunch times
  3. Not be within six feet of or make contact with another person
  4. Not touch their face
  5. Cough & sneeze into a tissue or inside of elbow
  6. Stay home if they are sick or know they will not pass wellness screening

Drop Off Procedure

Please remain in your vehicle.

  • Follow signs guiding them towards the roundabout.
  • A staff member will instruct the vehicle to stop.
  • Windows will be rolled down for those members in attendance, to allow BGC staff to administer a no-contact temperature read and verbal questionnaire.
  • As long as the member(s) does not have a fever over 100.4° or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, said member(s) will be instructed to enter the building and check in with the front circle (F.C.) attendant.
  • F.C. attendant will administer hand sanitizer before the member enters their classroom.
  • F.C attendant will also point and guide members to their appropriate classroom.

Pick Up Procedures

We ask that if you receive a call from the Club to pick up your child, that you are able to do so within 20 minutes.

Parents are to remain in their vehicle and please call our Front Circle (707) 938-8544 x100. Your member will need to help clean up their area and put their supplies away. Then they will be dismissed. Please see our Family Handbook in regards to our Late Pick-up policy.

We are all collectively responsible for ensuring a safe environment for our members and staff. We thank you for your support in this effort as we navigate through these unique times together.

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